Coca-Cola is toxic and can be used as pesticides – India uses Coca-Cola except pesticides

Most of the soft drinks are harmful to your body. Among those, Coca-Cola and Pepsi cola are very dangerous. India uses Coca-Cola as a pesticide. Why this happens like that? Coca-Cola is very cheaper than ordinary pesticides and results are also very progressive.

Coca-Cola contains high toxoids. A research has proven that Coca-Cola contains Malathion, Lindane and Chlorpyrifos. All those are chemicals used to kill pests. Most of the soft drinks have some kind of toxicity. Malathion exceeded the safe limit by 87 times, Lindane by 21 times and Chlorpyrifos by 42 times. According to the results of the research they have found that Coca-Cola exceeds the safe limit by 45 times and Pepsi-Cola by 37 times. Those toxins can cause to cancers, infertility, birth defects in embryos, nerve damages, immunodeficiency illnesses and brain damages.

So what we have to think? How Coca-Cola is toxic?

We can do lots of things using Coca-Cola and Pepsi cola. Sometimes you may already knew about these.

Coca-Cola can be used to
Polish brass and copper
Remove grease, oil and blood marks in clothing
Clean battery terminals
Clean old pennies
Protect vegetables and flowers from snails and slugs
Remove hair-dye
Clean burnt and carbonized pans.
Clean grout between tiles.
Remove oxides.

So try those but not to drink.