Home made recipe of a toothpaste which protects your teeth from decaying

As you all know mouth is the special open to the inside. But it is a bacteria field. Do you know that a clean mouth contains 1000 to 100000 micro organisms.

If it is not clean, it should be 100 million or some times more than billion. Most of the microorganisms inside the mouth are single cell. It means their body is made out of only one cell. Outer cover of those single celled microorganisms is made out of lipids.

Therefore lipids we intake with our meals would be helpful to their growth. Researches have found coconut oil contains antibacterial effective compounds in amount of about 50%. Therefore coconut oil is a good choice to avoid decaying teeth.

So, lets see how to make the tooth paste. Here are the ingredients.
1/2 cup of baking soda
1/4 cup of coconut oil
5 teaspoons of sweeteners
2 and half teaspoons of peppermint extract

First mix backing soda and sweeteners well. Then mix coconut oil and peppermint extract with it. Taste a little bit. If it still salty add more sweeteners.

Store this prepared toothpaste in an airtight container for use.