Keeping Garlic clove in your mouth for 30 minutes. You may wonder hearing the benefits

Garlic is using for diseases since long time ago specially on hypertension, high cholesterol, coronary artery diseases, heart attacks and atherosclerosis. This post will show you the benefits of keeping a garlic clove in your mouth for 30 minutes.

Garlic is also used as a treatment for cancers in colon, rectal, stomach, breast, prostate and lungs. Active compound named Allicin in garlic helps to those marvalous benefits. It is also responsible for the powerful smell. Chinese people use garlic in a different way. They sucking a garlic clove in the morning for about half an hour. After that they remove it from the mouth, wash and brush teeth to remove the oddor. They said this clean up your body. This also helps to improve the kidney health, clean your skin, improve your immune system and also helps to remove kidney stones. So, try it.