One glass of this drink will detox your liver

Liver is a very important organ of our body. Liver is subjected to damage due to our erroneous food habits. It is good to eat fresh raw vegetables and fruits and healthy foods to keep the liver cool.

Toxins in foods we take accumulate inside our body. Liver removes these toxins from your body with breaking them to non-toxic compounds and let toxic compounds to exit via excretion. This detox process is very important to continue a healthy life. Liver is the most responsible organ for this detox process. If we take too much unhealthy foods and toxic compounds, activity of liver increases. This over activity will damage the liver.

Liver failures are difficult to understand and detect. Therefore when detected the time passed and liver may damage permanently. Therefore not going to such a pathetic condition clensing liver is a good solution for this.

Fortunately now you have a simple clensing process to clense your liver. You can make it your own and in your home. It is simple and easy to prepare.

Ingredients are orange juice, lemon juice, a handful of fresh mint leaves, organic honey and one litre of water. First boil the water. Whit it start boiling add mint leaves and let it to boil another five minutes. Then switch off the fire. Let the mixture to cool to the room temperature. Then add other ingredients to it.

Drinking this will clense your liver and returns a healthy strong liver.