Simple treatment for bone pain

This is very simple and economical. You only need two ingredients. Water and Magnesium Chloride. Believe it, this simple recipe will change your life. Magnesium Chloride is useful to balance the ionic concentration inside of your body.

It also help to remove Uric Acid from your body which causes bone pains. It is easy to prepare. Boil 1 Litre of water. While it starts boiling stop fire. Let it to cool to the room temperature. Add 33 grams of Magnesium Chloride to it. Dosage is very important. If you are in age between 10-40 years drink half a cup in the morning. If between 40-70 drink 1 cup in the morning. If over 70 years, 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup in the night. Wish you a healthy life.