These 4 things heal your liver and never face a problem

Do you know how much your liver suffers due to our errorneous food habits? Liver removes toxic in your blood. Additionally it helps to digest carbohydrates and fats. It controls blood glucose level. Another major and very important thing is making red blood cells.

If your liver not works properly you will definitely face lots of problems even death. If you intake too much alcohol you may suffer cirosis. Liver can repair it’s cells therefore it can work for long time, but if you do not control your mouth liver should become helpless.

If you add one or two of these herbs to your meals, it will help to your liver to keep long life.

One is Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle)
Extracts of capsules availablt to purchase. Recommended dosage is 100mg but if some one has a serious liver problem he will be recommended to intake 300mg per thrise a day.

Another herb is Dandelion.
It has a beautiful yellow color flower and also able to use as a gardening plant. These flowers contain high iron, zinc and pottassium. If you need you can mix it with Milk Thistle capsules.

Burdock root is very popular in China.
It has an ability of repairing broken cels. Artichoke is the other thing. People use dried Flowers and leaves of these.

Turmeric is the last and most valuable herb.
It heals your liver and give you a long healthy life.