This is urge. Never use Aluminium foils

Aluminium is a heavy metal and it is neurotoxic. It can affect your nervous system with brain very badly. Even it causes to Alzheimer’s disease. It also causes to memory loss, loss of coordination, lost body control and loss of balance. Aluminium also damages your bones. It accumulate inside bones.

Inhaling Aluminium dust causes pulmonary fibrosis and other respiratory issues. Use of Aluminium in kitchen is high in the present. Aluminium containers, foils, spoons and other equipment can cause an unbeliveable danger to your health. Because even a very little, aluminium can mix with foods when you using those to prepare foods. Foils are the most dangerous thing. Dr. Essam Zubaidy of American University of Sharjah said that about 400mg of aluminium can mix with food in one use of foil. Aluminium cans are also a health threat. While heating aluminium release tiny particles to the food. In addition to heating chemical leaching could happen due to acidic compounds such as lemon or vinegar.