6 Methods to spice-up your family life

Most of the couples have silly problems. They quarrel for some neglecting things. They fight when watching TV, when do shopping, when working or handling gadgets. Do not bother such little things. Keep your relationship and it is the most important thing to your family or love life. It is very important titillating your partner for sex. Most of the times not have sexual feelings for both of you at the same time. Therefore preparing for a sexual intercourse is very important. To prepare to sex following facts are very important some time. Here we describe how a little fight is used to prepare for sex. Little bit of teasing will helpful to titillate your partner. It likes a little bit of punishing and pinch. Do not get this much strange. It is just a spice up to increase the need of sex. Just like sucking finger and unbutton dress. This is important to get ready the body to sex and stimulate hormones.