Amazing things about gold you’ve never heard before

Gold is one of the most valuable and rare metals in the world. In this article we are going to tell you some amazing facts about gold. Gold came from outer universe. While the globe forming most of the gold and other metals there sinked to the deepest places which human could not use. It is before 4 billion years. But the gold now we use came from outer universe after 200 million years of the birth of earth via a mega aerolite. Total quantity of gold in the world is no more than 3.25 Olympic swimming pools volume. Only 52% of gold is used to make jewelries and others are used for some other processes such as industrial and investing. Scientists say more than eight times quantity which discovered till in the lands is sinken under sea waters and dissolved in sea water. One ounce of gold can be used to create 100 square feets gold sheet and it could be elongated 80 kilometers because its elasticity and non-breaking attribute.