Did you ever know Vitamin D Can Stop Cancer Cell Growth?

Number of cancer patients is growing every single day. Modern medicine has still no solution.
Did you ever know Vitamin D can stop cancer cell growth? While medical researchers still won’t claim that they have found a cure to cancer, this is good to hear. We do not concern very much about Vitamin D. But this is the easiest to get.
According to latest statistical data, nearly 70% of American are vitamin D deficient. Do you have these symptoms? If so, you may also have the deficiency of Vitamin D. Symptoms are,
• Bone pain
• Muscle weakness
• Severe asthma – especially in children
• Cognitive impairment – especially in older adults
• Excessive sweating
• Chronic pain
• Depression – According to research, vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of depression for 11 times.
This vitamin also can be found in some foods. Those are wild caught fatty fish, raw milk, raw yogurt, mushrooms, orange juice.
Several studies have proven Vitamin D stops cancer cell growth. In puzzle of cancer this vitamin D discovery may very well be the missing piece. Adequate levels of vitamin D in the body are not only beneficial for promoting bone and muscle health but also for reducing the risk of cancer.