Headache is not further a headache

Headache is not further a headache. Do not use medicines with lot of side effects. This is a simple treatment to quit headache.

Headache seems like the worst case ever face. Every one has faced headache even at once in life. For some people who have frequent headaches or migraines. People who suffer from migraines or head splitting headaches will interrupt in their day to day life and works. Headache might even be strong enough to disturb simplest daily functions. Sometimes headache is feeling like pounding to head, aching and throbbing. Headache can cause to nausea, sensitivity to light and even induce vomiting. Most of the people use pain killers to reduce their pain. Pain killers have lot of side effects. Those might cause nausea, rash, liver damage, stomach problems, heartburns, stomach ulcers, kidney problems, allergic reactions and increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. So who want to take this risk? No one.