How toys help to improve your child’s mind

Selecting toys for your child is a considerable process. You have to think lots of ways on how, why and what. You must concern about the importance of the toy for your child. Your child may request various toys touched him. But you have to consider the toy suits your child. Toy must give something to learn to your child not only for simple play. It is better for your child’s mind boosting. During the first six months of your child’s age he is sensing for sounds and colors. Therefore your choice should be matching those requirements.
You can give more toys to a age 6 months to 1 year child. Now he can move the toy from one hand to another. Curiosity of your child is increasing during this age. Between 1 and 2 years, mental boosting of your child is in the highest range. Therefore you have to choose toys to matching the same and to increase your child’s mind and memory. You can give building blocks to your child during this season.