If you love banana you have to know these 10 facts

We can simply say banana is one of the best fruits in the world. This tropical fruit gives us lot of health benefits. You may be wonder if you heard what happen if you consume 3 bananas per day. A newest study of American College of Cardiology proves the benefits received on eating bananas everyday. If you take 3 bananas per day it will complete your body requesting amount of potassium. This potassium helps to stop blood clots. This will prevent stroke. In addition to this, banana helps to prevent morning sickness, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, blindness and kidney cancers.
Those are the 10 highest benefits you received eating bananas regularly.
• Banana helps to your digestive system. It is fiber rich food and prevents constipation.
• It controls the blood sugar level.
• Banana is a good solution for lack of calcium. Banana increase the mineral absorption possibility of bones.
• Banana contains high potassium content. Potassium helps to keep the healthiness of brain and nervous system.
• Banana prevents kidney cancers. It reduces kidney stone formation because banana increases calcium absorption ability.
• It reduces anemia.
• It is an energetic food. Eat two bananas before you start workout in your gym.
• Banana prevents you from heart attacks and strokes.
• Banana quit your from depression and prevents forming depression. The triptofun in banana forms serotonin inside the body. This serotonin is a neurotransmitter.
• Banana also reduces inflammation. Banana contains more Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 prevents your joint inflammations.