Keep these plants in your bed room. You will receive amazing health benefits

Sleep plays a major role in your physical health. Sleep heals and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Most of the people are facing sleep problems such as sleep apnea and insomnea. These sleep deficiencies linked to risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.
Therefore we request a good night sleep. Reason for most of these difficulties are bad breeth. How to get a good breath at night? It is simple. Place these plants inside your bedroom. These plants will emits more oxygen at night. You may wonder hearing this. There is no wonder and it is botany.
Word is “PHOTOSYNTHESIS”. Photosynthesis has two reactions. First one is the light reaction. This light reaction is in the presense of daylight. The other one, which get to this article is the dark reaction. Some plants emits more oxygen in dark reaction. We are going to introduce you 8 of those plants.
Those are snake plant and it is also called Sansiveria. Others are lavender, English ivy, Aloe vera, Areca palm, Neem tree, Gerbera Orange, Christmas Cactus, Tulsi.