Love and Sex can heal 10 diseases

Do you believe love and sex can heal your diseases? Love can make heal of lots of diseases and difficulties. This is because our circulatory system improvement and releasing of hormones to blood. This increases our ability of protection to various diseases.
Connection between love and heart is amazing. Love heals your heart. It reduces of heart attacks by larger amounts.
Oxitosin and Endophin release in love and sex pleasure. This hormones help to relaxing of our mind. Therefore it reduces stress and depression.
It reduces insomia.
Love heals urinary incontinence.
It heals influensa.
It reliefs your muscle difficulties such as muscle overload.
Love shines your skin and heals skin diseases because of the improvement of blood circulation.
Love reduces the risk of invading prostate cancers and breast cancers.
Actually these are amazing. Arn’t those?