Papaya Leaf Juice To Detoxify Liver, Reverse Fatty Liver And Stop Liver Cancer

The leaves of papaya are very useful in healing and curing cancer and dengue fever. Phytonutrients in papaya leaves are great antioxidants. Papain, phenolic compounds, and alkaloids are those antitoxidants. The first two catalysts are dynamic segments of papaya and can assist in the assimilation of proteins and are utilized to treat acid reflux, digestive problems, and bloating. Benefits of the papaya leaf juice are as follows. It increases blood platelet production, supports liver to avoid liver cancers, cirrhosis and jaundice. It prevents many diseases such as dengue, malaria and cancers. Papaya leaf juice increase activity and healthiness of our immune system. It boosts up energy levels, supports digestive system, sooths inflammations and regulate periods of women. It also lowers blood sugar levels. To prepare papaya leaf juice, place some clean papaya leaves in a juices and mix it in order to extract the juice from it. Store it in a small bottle in the fridge for 4-5 days. In order to make it more palatable, mix it with another juice if you want to. You can also place 1- papaya leaves in a blender and add a cup of water. String the mixture through a cheesecloth, and the juice is ready.