Signs Showing Your Blood Sugar Increased

The blood sugar level means the amount of glucose in the blood. Glucose is the main energy source of the body. Glucose is absorbed fromt he food we consume. High blood glucose (high blood sugar), which is called hyperglycemia, occurs when the body cannot use glucose properly( type2 diabetes), or it has insufficient amounts of it (type 1 diabetes). If this condition lasts for months or years, it makes a permanently damage to certain organs such as kidneys, blood vessels, nerves, and eyes.

High blood sugar symptoms

 Frequent urination and/or urination during the night. If this was normal to your ignore it.
 Blurred vision
 Difficulty of concentrating
 Dryness of your mouth
 Impotence
 Recurrent infections
 Slow healing of cuts and wounds
 Stomach problems
 Constant fatigue or extreme tiredness
 Increased thirst
 Dry and itchy skin
 Constant hunger
 A sudden change body weight
 Nerve problems such as numbness
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