The thing Gynecologists did not tell you

Gynecologists say most of ladies have faced even at once in their life a disease such as vaginal infection. Many chemicals and medicines to prevent or quit these infections. As a woman you have to understand how cure your intimate area. Most of the women use various types of intimate cleaning solutions which are made out of artificial chemicals. Those chemicals developed for intimate cleansing, it affects our vaginal flora which can trigger you to have infections and fungus faster, likewise conditions such as dryness.
Therefore we are going to introduce you some natural cleansing solutions.
White vinegar: Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar per liter of water and place it on your vulva. Never increase the amount of vinegar.
Aloe vera: Extract the gel that is acquired from the plant and to submerge it in 2 glasses of water, later on it is positioned in the intimate zone and at the end. After passing about 10 minutes rinse it with much warm water.
Lemon leaves: To continue with this treatment you need water (500 ml) and a handful of lemon leaves. Put lemon leaves into water and let it to heat and simmer for 15 minutes, then let stand when this warm brew and use it on the vulva.
Anyway if you follow healthy habits you will neve feel such infection.
Drink lots of water throughout the day to remove contaminants.
Eat natural yogurt every day.
Use cotton underclothing.
Avoid products for vaginal hygiene such as deodorants, scented toilet tissue and vaginal douches as these alter the natural pH of the vaginal area.