5 Home Remedies to Lift Up Sagging Breasts

Women’s breasts going to sag with the age or some other reasons. Sagging breasts are not very pleasant to see and hard to wear even a dress according to the order. Therefore women are suffering with sagging breasts. Now you do not have to suffer from sagging breasts and this will introduce you 5 remedies which you can make at your home to lift your breast as those were in your 18 age. First method is exersising. This is not a remedy but it is very important. Do exercises targeting the chest and breast muscles. I.e. chest press, pull down, arm raise, push-up and dumbbell fly. Keep in mind to wear a fitness sports bra during exercise. Second method is ice massage. Here we massage breasts using ice. Take two ice cubes to both of your hands and gently rub on your breasts in circular motion. Do this for one minutes. Keep in mind not to do this over one minute of time. After massage dry up your breasts using a towel and instantly wear a well fitting bra. Stay in a reclining position for 30 minutes. Do this three times per day in regular intervals.