5 Most Solitary Tribes of the World

Today the world has come to a single palm top. Every information in the world could be able to get instantly. But there are few tribal groups in the world which they have no any connection with the world. These are 5 of those tribals. First one is Korowai. They lived in Papua of Indonesia. They are living on high tops of trees. Therefore scientists could not be able to discover them fully.
They live in Amazon forests of Brazil. Only 300 people living and 100 of them do not have any connection with outer world.
Surma Tribe
Wearing lots of jewellaries and with lot of piersing. Women are leading the society and they wear a lip plate to show their richness.
Mashco-Piro people
They hide in Peru forests and completely hidden from outside world.
They are the most hidden group of tribals in the world. They live in North Sentinel Island in the Andaman Island cluster. Scientists even could not be able to study the weather of that island because of this tribals. They do not let any forein body to come to their Island.