7 Facts about the virginity and hymen

Virginity is toughly concern in some countries of the world. They expecting virginity of a marring woman.
What really the virginity is?
If a woman did not have any intercourse with a man she is called a virgin. Some countries they concern the hymen and if the hymen is broken or not any appearance of hymen breaking in the first time together they blame to the woman. They believe she had sex with a man previously. But this is erroneous. Some women do not have a hymen at their birth. Some women who doing sports such as cycling and gymnastics could be subjected to broken hymen. Some hymens not broken during the first sexual intercourse because it is elastic and small. Is the first intercourse painful? Some women who did not have an intercourse before think it is painful but it is false. Some breaking of virginity is not painful or with a little pain. There are surgeries to bud a hymen. This is a simple surgery and it is called hymenoplast.