8 Facts which say Trump is the first

Donald Trump is the 45th president of America. But not only for that his name goes to history, there are eight other facts.
Eldest President of America
Trump steps to his 70th birthday on next June 14th. Accordint to the fact that he is the oldest person who appointed as the president of America.
First president who comes with over billion dollars assets.
When he got appointed he worths about 3.7 billion dollars according to Forbes records. But Trump says it is over 10 billion.
Trump has the richest cabinet
His economic secretary, Wilber Ross has assets of worth for 2.5 billion dollars. SteevenNuchin who was named for the Treasury has assets over 40 million dollars. Reports say that the cabinet of Donald Trump worths over 35 billion dollars.
Lowest Political Experiences
Donald Trump is the first appointed president with lowest political experiences.
Family Ruling
Trump appointed his daughter’s husband for an advisor post. This is the first time in history that a relation of the president of America appointed such a powerful position.
First one without Pets
Trump is the first one who did not bring pets to the White House.
Against the Open Trade
Donald Trump is against the open trade in America. He says this is the reason to lower the inland production. “China is eating us” he said.
Wife with lots of records
She is the first, first lady who came from Slovenia and the first one who has not English mother toungue.
Donald Trump divorced twice and the present wife is the third one. She is the first one who speaks more languages. She can speak Slovanian, English, French, German and Serbian.
And she is the first one who experienced as a Nude modler. She was posed nude in 2000 for GQ magazine and several others.
-According to a report of Rebeca Seals of BBC.