8 Symptoms to identify a Blood Clout?

If you have a blood clot you will be faced a huge trouble. While circulating blood along the vessels it could be blocked by a clot. It reduce or completely stops the blood flow to the certain part of the body. This will reduce the Oxygen supplying.
Even a stroke or heart attack may occur due to blood clots. It is better to identify a blood clot earlier. But how? Here we are telling you some symptoms occurred by a blood clot.
• If you have a leg pain or tenderness or cramp
• Unexplained cough and could not imagine a reason for it.
• Breath shortness or heard to take long breath.
• Chest pain with deep breathing
• Red streaks like scratch marks on your skin
• Swelling in a limb
Blood clot can be fatal, so if you experiences one or some of these symptoms, you should better go to your doctor or nearest hospital.