Compare these 10 Worst Countries with Sri Lanka

Some people think that Sri Lanka is the worst and have to go abroad for earn money. We introduce you 10 of the worst countries of the world and compare those with Sri Lanka. You may think Sri Lanka is great.
Somalia is the country with the worst law and rule. Somalia is ruled by smugglers and war leaders. No economical seen arising and black market, narcotic mafia is covering the country. That’s why it is impossible to form a
North Korea
North Korea is ruled by a military junta. Who like to live under a military junta like a prisoner? This is the most desolated country of the world. People die with hungry but government not concern about them. Government only think about the war strength and nuclear weapons.
Zimbabwe is a country with high inflation but everyone is a billionaire. Money devaluation is very high. One US dollar worth 361,900 Zimbabwe dollars. But once there were among the richest countries of the world.
Chad Republic
Sierra Leone