How to avoid anemia during pregnancy?

One complication during pregnancy is anemia. This is critical. Oxygen transportation inside the body is done by haemoglobin. Reducing the amount of this haemoglobin is called the anaemia. Lowest hemoglobin concentration during pregnancy is 10.5 g/dl. This is mentioned in FBC (Full Blood Count) report. Your FBC contains more important details about your blood. Anaemia is two types. One is Macrocytic and the other is Microcytic. In macrocytic status red blood cells grow larger abnormally. This is due to lack of vitamin B12. In mycrocytic anaemia red blood cells reduce its size abnormally. This is due to the lack of iron, thalsemia. Nutrient need goes high during pregnancy. Therefore if we do not intake enough nutrients it will make problems. Anaemia also happen due to genetic issues. In this case life time of red blood cells goes down. Folic acid is needed to produce haemoglobin. There are four iron parts in every haemoglobin molecule.