Top 05 Attack Helicopters of the World

Helicopter is very important part in a war. We are telling today about the attack helicopters. Attack helicopter manufacturers are in a contesting game of developing the best one. We are introducing you today the top 5 of attack helicopters in the world.
05. AH-1Z Viper
Two engined, four blades. Special target sighting system has been installed to this craft. It reached to never exceeding speed of 411 km/h. It’s armament includes 20mm guns, 70mm rockets, 02 air-to-air missiles, 16 M272 missiles.
04. Eurocopter Tiger
Speed 315 km/h. It can reached to the ceiling of 4000m. Rate of climb is 10.7m/s.
03. MI-28H
This is a Russian aircraft. Two seats and armed shell. Speed 324km/h and 13.6m/s climb rate. Operating ceiling is 4950m.
02. Kamov KA50/KA52
This is called “Black Shark”. It is also a Russian product. Top speed 350km/h. Operating ceiling is 5500m and climb rate of 12m/s.
01. Boeing AH-64 Apache is the first place. This is a complete armery and has tremendous features. It has a maximum speed of 365 km/h. Operating ceiling is 6400m and rate of climb is 12.7 m/s.